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When you wear, decorate, design, and/or experience colours in your every day life,they each have a way of activating your inner and outer world.

Colour helps evoke and heal emotions.

They can revive you and transform you.

Dari is an Intuitive Colour Catalyst, Soul Stylist and Wardrobe Warrior. It is quite a spectrum. It can be helping to sort through a wardrobe, finding clients true style expression or guiding them through colour to reunite with their true selves.

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About Dari

Dari has been working with colour professionally for over 30 years. Originally qualified by Beauty for all Seasons USA and is continually retraining. Coming from a background in fashion and furniture it was a medium that she naturally related to.

Her work has been focused mainly on bringing out the best in women and getting them to appreciate how by wearing colour they can enhance their lives. Also showing how we are all unique and regardless of fads and fashion we all have our own style expression.This has nothing to do with status or income, it comes from within.

For women In times of transition her work has been of invaluable assistance. When one goes through changes it is easy to loose part of one’s identity. Dari has been on her own journey also and has gone into deeper levels of understanding about colour.

She has 10 years experience as an Aura-Soma® Practitioner. Dari also works with Colour Tarot and is intuitively guided by the colours as well as the tarot meanings. By finding out about the deeper levels of Dari is now passionate about helping women find the connection between inner and outer life through colour.

Colour Clarity

Colour and numerology are used to give inspiration, clarity and direction.

  • You will be shown the colours that are around you now
  • On receiving your payment I will request some details from you and you will receive your reading within 7 days
  • The reading will be organic and not computerised
  • You will receive a recorded version of the reading and images to support the session

When working with colour on a deeper level it can bring to light issues that you may not be aware of.It can also confirm your direction and uplift you.

Colour is so personal and that is why it is such a wonderful tool to help the client with their own journey.

Online Colour Birthdate Sessions

With these sessions we go into a combination of Numerology and Colour. When we do this we create your story in colours and numbers. We explore your birthdate and the current year you are in. This gives you a wonderful guide to energies that you are working with.

This package consists of a recording of the session. Also a written guide to the colours relevant to the session with space allowed to colour in and collect your own thoughts.Photos of the cards used so you can follow along with the recording. Included in this package is a 15 min follow up call. These sessions are from the heart, tailored to you. Hand-crafted with love.

Colour & Style

Are you in need of some guidance when it comes to creating a workable wardrobe for who you are Now?

It seems simple and you start off with gusto only to find yourself overwhelmed at the half way mark. This can be owing to emotions, things that need to go or exhaustion!

Can you relate?

Dari can help with a firm but loving hand to guide you through the process.

A workable wardrobe for who you are today can be very liberating.

Personal Style

To know your Personal Style is a wonderful way to express yourself in the world.

It removes confusion and you achieve your personal imprint on those you meet and work with. They see you from head to toe. Communications flow and you are not caught up in the grey area of fashion. You create your own personal look.You can also incorpoate trends your way.

Colour Profile

Your Personal Colour Profile is one of the best investments you can make.

Your profile keeps you on track with all your purchases and all things in your life where you use colour.

Quite often we stick to a few colours,with your profile you are taken around the colour wheel so you can be confident to experiment with colour. When you are taken around the profile and implement colours you have not worn before it can also alter how others see you. Compliments abound!

Confidence, alignment,balance and fun are a few of the bonuses your Personal Colour Profile can do for you.


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