Are your emotions locked in your wardrobe?

We are often told about how to organise our wardrobe. It is indeed a wonderful thing to have an organised wardrobe.

However for some this can be a long process which they might not want to go through.

One thing I can say for sure is that if a garment has not been worn in the last twelve months it will more than likely not be worn again by its owner.

We could be saying things like: woman-309719_640

When I loose weight I will wear that again

I loved wearing that!

That was when I was happier than I am now

How did that come to be in my wardrobe?

Maybe I will wear it next season.

It can be an impulse buy, a traumatic experience, divorce or loss of job. These items are emotionally charged and can get in the way of a workable wardrobe.

One of the aspects of a workable wardrobe is we can use it to express who we are now.

Once you start to give this attention you will see how it can release you from the past.

If there are items you just cannot part with, keep them aside from your working wardrobe.