Colour in My Life

I am so grateful everyday to have colour in my life.

I talk and think in colour and it has now become a way of life for me.

Not everyone shares my passion or sees colour like I do, so I have realized it is a gift.

Colour has supported me in many testing times.

Over the years I have called on colour for specific purposes and it has worked for me.

Some events I will mention are fear, grief, shock, self acceptance, and love.

There are many more I could mention as I now use colour for all of my life’s situations.

It would be wonderful to see people relate to colour more and perhaps get to know themselves through colour.

Colour is a true friend and is always there to call on.

After working with Aura-SomaⓇ now for over 10 years it provides the notes on the manuscript for the symphony of my life.

What a wonderful living, breathing Colour Care System.

Colour does not have an age limit, it does not discriminate. Colour is there for all to see and use.

Lately, I have found I am attracted to Aura-SomaⓇ Equilibrium bottle #107 Archangel Tzaphziel Opalescent Turquoise over Deep Magenta.

I have chosen these colours, and an interpretation would be that I am leaving a lot behind. For example, emotions mentioned above and I am now moving into these Divine Colours they soothe me and inspire me to move towards my true self.

It is all within us and we are all on our own journey.

As I said at the start … so grateful.