In search of your own Style

Ever given thought to the fact that you have a style of your own.?

It is a liberating exercise to go through.

Not everyone is consciously aware of their own personal style.

They may be dressing someone else’ and not feel “quite right”.

Also probably paid good money for the look.

This is fine for a special event or the short term. However over the long term it becomes

essential to know you own style.

There will be things that you really like deep down inside.

This has nothing to do with money or size it has to do with what you relate to at a heart level.

There are various names for the different sections your style can come under.

For e.g Classic, Romantic, Natural, Innovative, Town and Country and many more.

It is unlikely that you will be just one of these.

Usually a combination.

It is not until you have your style tested that you are able to see what relates to you

Also what you may have been hiding from yourself.

When you are able to decipher what is in your heart about your style it clears a path and

helps you to understand why certain things remain in your wardrobe not worn and others,

you just love.

It take effort to bring this into your life and has rewards of less mistakes. You feel confident, you are walking in your own truth, you are unique.

If you would like to know more information, enquiries welcome.