Orange The Shock Absorber

Orange has many different interpretations.

This post is about orange as a shock absorber.

Where I have found orange very helpful is it helps absorb shocks from events in our past and present and aids in healing the family timeline.

Sometimes we recall events or emotional traumas, which can get us churned up and uncomfortable. These events can then set off a chain reaction that we may not recognize are associated to shock.

Get close to Orange.

It may not be one of your best colours to wear around your face, however it can be found in other ways.

A large bowl of oranges or flowers is a great way to focus on the colour and breathe it into yourself.

In Aura-Soma® it is the Equilibrium bottle #26, as well as the Pocket Rescue for easy application on the move and the Orange Pomander.

These are so valuable to have. They are non-intrusive and work on easing the shock or trauma of a past experience.

Bottle #26 is called The Humpty Dumpty Bottle. Putting the pieces back together again.

A great way to have it on hand is in the rescue bottle called Etheric.

Shock is not always physical..In the case of accidents and mishaps, orange is a great colour to work with.

I am also so pleased to find out that it works on other levels as well and is a great healer.

Simply Divine Colour. Tune into Orange.

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