Mobile Service

Dari Rees Colours is now running a Mobile Service. We are no longer at the premises Crn Napier & Nolan Streets Maryborough 3465 Still offering the same Service with a twist. Bringing Colour Style and Fun to you. Girls days in and Special Events. We will still be running workshops throughout 2014/2015. Some of the Workshops include: Women in Transition/ Colour & Style/ Colour education days These will be held at various locations around Victoria. So if you would like us to organise one of these workshops in your area, Just let us know. Questions and enquiries most welcome.

Women in Transition: A series of Workshops

With these workshops you can come to one session or the series. Here you will get in touch with your inner-self and learn how to confidently express this in the outer. These workshops are fun and informative.

Self Acceptance

One of the main colours to work with to come to terms with self acceptance is pink. The opposite colour on the wheel is green In order to get to the pink we sometimes need to go through the green issues. Some of these can be learning to stand in our own space, making decisions, finding direction and coming to terms with envy and jealousy The Pink is all about unconditional love, compassion and self acceptance. These words are used a lot today, however true self acceptance can be hard work. It is like peeling an onion tears and all. Today in a lot of ways we see the opposite of self acceptance. Sometimes people using great effort to change...

On Offer for March

When a bag full of bargains become a burden

It can be quite interesting how we accumulate clothes. It also can be tempting when passing Op Shops and the sign says fill a bag for $5. Wow look at all these garments! This also goes for Sale items. Are you just bringing more stuff into your life that is not that useful to you or your wardrobe? This is why a wardrobe workout is so valuable. You can take a good look at all the stuff! Then sort out what works for you. This is not just a superficial process, as we have clothes with sentimental value. A wardrobe workout can be very cleansing. It can also make you feel fabulous and helps make way for the new. I...

Introduction to Colour Workshop

Art of Elegance Fair

The Art of Elegance Fair has donated table space for St Vinnies to use, and I have volunteered to run the table. Expect to see a great collection of articles including special vintage hats, bags, dresses and evening style that are definitely worth checking out! I’ll be positioned at the left side of the main hall on Sunday, come up and say hello! All proceeds will be going to St Vinnie’s.

From Dari’s Desk

Well here I am setting up my first blog. Looking forward to keeping you all updated with colour news. In the future I will writing on all things to do with Colour.