Patterns and My Colour Profile

I am always fascinated working with my colour profile.  I am on the warm side and I am very used to the warm colours Oranges Tans Olive green and more in the warmer tones.

Even though working with colour for over 25 years I am always delighted when I match up my profile with patterns.

With a Colour Profile you are tested to try out new colours and as a result you expand your range and therefore open up to other possibilities.

Not only as you see yourself,also as you come across to others.

It is so easy to become set in our ways and stick to the basics.

Even Neutrals have their own special vibration. I can choose these from my profile.

Going through the wardrobe I get so excited when I can see with the help of the profile how the patterns are in harmony for me.

It is such a creative way to see it visually.


This is a much lighter combination

This is a bolder colouring but still in my profile


One of my favourites for a completely different look.


As you can tell I am passionate about using my colour profile

Till next time.

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