Self Acceptance

One of the main colours to work with to come to terms with self acceptance is pink. The opposite colour on the wheel is green In order to get to the pink we sometimes need to go through the green issues.
Some of these can be learning to stand in our own space, making decisions, finding direction and coming to terms with envy and jealousy
The Pink is all about unconditional love, compassion and self acceptance.
These words are used a lot today, however true self acceptance can be hard work.
It is like peeling an onion tears and all.
Today in a lot of ways we see the opposite of self acceptance.
Sometimes people using great effort to change their outer appearance and not doing the work required to give themselves love and appreciate their own unique qualities.
In the long term it is money and effort wasted if focus is only on the outer expression.

It is a combination of outer and inner work that brings us to self acceptance.