Self-care and resistance

There is a lot of talk at the moment about “Self-Care.”

Whilst deep down we know that we owe it to ourselves, it is not that easy to do on a deeper level.

I gave it a go myself and said “Self care today!” I noticed I had a deep resistance to it.

Now if I had a massage booked or a hairdressing appointment I do not think the resistance would have been there.

This was between myself and I.

I started looking deeper and found that I was caught up in lots of noise.

The pull was so strong in me that I felt I could not break away.

Giving to ourselves is one of the hardest things to do.

We have been conditioned over time to think of it as selfish.

Just give of yourself and you will be rewarded we were told.

I have come to realize, that it is through self-care in its purest form that we are truly able to give to others.

I am not by any means saying not to give and be of service.

Keep the tank full with plenty of self-care and you will not deplete yourself.

On a superficial level of course we can pamper ourselves with tangible things.

The buzz does not replace the deeper work.

Pink is a great colour to work with for self-care. Surround yourself with Pink and Fluffy!

Take some time out to visualize yourself surrounded in pink. Feel the support it gives.


Work is ongoing.

I am very grateful for this new found self-care and I can see how it is an important part of standing in my own space while still being of service.