Self Esteem and the Pace of Life

Let me ask you this. How is it all going?

Do you find that someday’s you can show up a bit worse for wear?

With new teeth a few fillers are you still able to shine through?

I needed to ask myself. What is my role in all of this? So much of what we are exposed to is the outer appearance, the quick fix.

As I am a rather quite person myself and look more to nurturing an inner creative life. I am constantly asking What is it I do?

Then it came to me. I am about allowing space for women to work with their own inner-self and be able to have the confidence to shine. Their way.

Not an easy task for a lot of women,

It is like I am going completely against the wave of glamour.

I am still very drawn to do this work.

We are unique in our own way and when you connect with that sweet spot, you are able to stand in your own space.

It takes courage.

Instead of hanging out for clothes that are not really you and not in your price range: change your thinking on how you present yourself in a creative way.

So much of the workforce now wears uniforms. Whilst they are practical they are killers to your creativity. You will need to work extra hard on not loosing yourself.

Now I realise that only a small section of women will relate to what I am saying. If you are one of them I would love to hear from you.

What has been your experience?

Till next time,

Be Colourful and Creative