Why the Phobia about Ageing?

It is so important that we get our maximum use out of every day.

Every day we have a new opportunity to do good, including for ourselves.

We are all ageing.

In fact as you age you are not so limited, and can branch out and pursue the things that make a difference.

Lets look at Colour. It is forever living and moving through our lives.

It does not cut off after a certain age.

It does not throw you on the heap!

It is true that our bodies go through changes. In fact change is a constant.

It makes for an extremely limited life, if according to society you are over the hill after 50. What an insult to the Universe.

Is not ageing the way of all living things?

What do we fear?

I would like to suggest the unknown, loss of control, viewing our mistakes, suffering, and it goes on.

It is true we do not spring out of bed like we used to, however there are so many other rewards.

When you learn more about yourself, you are more able to settle into your natural self.

Lets celebrate and include all ages.

We are all souls on a journey!

Like the seasons:

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter all equally wonderful.

It is true to say that I am on the more mature side. I started to ponder on the fact that if we live in the now, we are always in our prime.

Just because we are fed constant images of how things are supposed to be and we do not recognise ourselves, does not mean we are irrelevant.

So much illusion!

As we age we need to firmly plant ourselves, by being grounded and do the inner work that helps us to embrace ageing.

All part of the tapestry of our life.