Call on Colour (Colour for Wellbeing)

Colour Meanings on Different Levels

In this workshop we will get up close and personal with colour.

Some topics covered in this workshop are:

  • How to call on colour for life’s situations. By this I mean when you have issues come up for you, colour is a great assistant in times of need. We will work on how to bring colour into the situation.
  • The colours of your birth date. This is another element to add to your birthdate. When you see the colours that are around you, you will gain a better understanding of how to utilise the colours around you.
  • Your Personal Year. This will help you to understand the colours that you can work with right now.
  • Learn how to use the colour wheel to be able to be more confident with colour.
  • Colour breathing and visualization.

From this Workshop you will gain a better connection to colour for better health and wellbeing.